Bioclear Dental Treatment
in Hoffman Estates, IL

Bioclear is an innovative dental treatment that patients can utilize to address various cosmetic concerns at once and completely transform the appearance of their teeth. Unlike traditional veneers, Bioclear does not require the teeth to be modified in any way before it can be applied, making it a minimally invasive cosmetic and restorative dental option. To learn more about Bioclear or schedule your next visit with our practice, please contact us!

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Does Bioclear cover
the entire tooth?

Bioclear covers the entire tooth surface similarly to veneers but utilizes a different technique. With Bioclear, a composite material is applied to the entire tooth, filling in gaps, reshaping the tooth, or covering imperfections. Unlike veneers, which are prefabricated in a laboratory, Bioclear restorations are created chairside by Dr. Patel, allowing for more customization and control over the final result.

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Is Bioclear better
than veneers?

Both Bioclear and veneers have their advantages and are suitable for different patients and dental situations. Bioclear is often preferred for cases where minimal tooth reduction is desired, as it is less invasive compared to traditional veneers. Additionally, Bioclear can be more cost-effective and offer quicker results since it is typically done in a single dental visit. However, veneers may be preferred for more extensive cosmetic transformations or cases where durability and stain resistance are paramount.

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Is Bioclear
good for teeth?

Bioclear can be an excellent option for addressing various cosmetic concerns while simultaneously helping to preserve tooth structure. Bioclear restorations are minimally invasive and can strengthen and protect teeth by sealing cracks or covering areas of enamel wear. Additionally, Bioclear can improve the overall appearance of teeth, enhancing a patient’s smile and boosting their confidence.

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