Cone Beam

A technology that is developed around the needs of dental care is a powerful tool for dental professionals. The technology can greatly influence the effectiveness of treatment. Dental examinations play a crucial role in dental care. The time and effort spent in dental evaluation are very valuable to both the patient and the dentist. This is why, we as dental care providers, give pivotal importance to innovative technologies in all areas of dental care. We believe that the quality of treatment offered at our dental practice can be greatly enhanced with the use of advanced techniques. Therefore it becomes necessary for us to stay updated about the latest developments in dental technologies and implement the best ones at our office.


CEREC provides you the ultimate in digital dentistry technology. Let us help strengthen your practice with same-day dental restorations, improved orthodontic treatment and planning, and integrated implantology.

Dental Vibe

In addition to using a numbing jelly rub and comfortable anesthetic injection technique, we also offer the Dental Vibe which makes getting numb for your procedure painless! See their website below to see how it works!


We take your health seriously and offer complimentary oral cancer screenings with our VelScope which can show early changes in areas around your gums, tongue and throat which could make a referral that could save your life. Its painless and easy to do, ask us for a screening when you come in for your exam!

Dental Laser

By utilizing a soft tissue dental laser we can perform a variety of procedures including reshaping your gums for optimum esthetics and painlessly combating periodontal disease and bone loss by killing bacteria living deep in your gums. We can also use the laser to trough the gum around crown impressions for an ideal impression to send to the laboratory and remove muscle attachments that may be causing gaps in your front teeth and being 'tongue tied' as a minimally invasive procedure, and much more!

Mr. Thirsty

Meet Mr. Thirsty! He can do it all from suctioning water and debris during dental procedures to providing you something comfortable to rest your jaw on so you do not get tired during the treatment. Its a great way to make your procedures dry and comfortable!

Dexus Sensors

We use the highest quality imaging available on the market so that we can detect changes before they become more of a problem for you which can be the difference between having a small filling to needing a root canal and crown. Plus, they require much less radiation due to their enhanced sensitivity, are instant, and are safer for the environment than traditional films which require harsh chemicals to develop.

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